Hunan golds tonly information technology co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as the golds)Was established2009Years3Month,Foster is hunan province key of e-commerce and mobile Internet enterprises。The company has obtained“CMMI3Qualification certification”、“The computer information system integration enterprise”、“ISO9001Quality system certification”、“Software enterprises”And“National high and new technology enterprise authentication”、“China association of communication enterprises communication network security service capability assessment certificate(Risk assessment level)”Such as certification。

·Savings into kinetic energy Set the workforce--Tonly college first22、23Training postscript
·Know the history of the party Ming beginner's mind Self-help to--SMS company party theme education activities
·Smelting team Struggle and win-win--Management development training

Business is introduced
    China mobile phone purse is mobile group launched a comprehensive mobile payment business。
    Whether it is online shopping、Brush“Machine”Consumption,Or phone bill to pay、Bus tickets、Water and electricity coal expends, etc,Mobile money can easily afford...
Pre-service training for new employeesA great man hometown——Shaoshan
Gao Yang science and technology
The accompanying pay
Gao Yang jinxin
The electric power
Trillion (microelectronics
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